7th Grade Problem Solving Graphic Organizers - Common Core

This 7th Grade Problem-Solving Graphic Organizers Bundle includes 7 sets (69 problems) of real-world COMMON CORE WORD PROBLEMS that students must solve and explain using problem-solving strategies. 

I created this problem-solving graphic organizer for my 7th graders who struggle to solve WORD PROBLEMS and are unable to explain their work/solution. 

🚩Each worksheet presents students with a word problem. 
🚩Students must then organize the information they are given, SOLVE, JUSTIFY their work and EXPLAIN their solution. 
🚩The answer key has the correct solutions as well as sample work.
I use this activity with pair-shares, as homework, stations, classwork, early finishers, and assessment prep.  Visit my TpT shop to download all of my 7th-grade math problem-solving graphic organizers.

Topics Covered:
✔ Ratios and Proportional Reasoning (7RP)
✔ Percents (7RP)
✔ Rational Numbers (7NS)
✔ Integers (7NS)
✔ Expressions (7EE)
✔ Equations and Inequlaities (7EE)
✔ Geometry (7G)
✔ Probability (7SP)

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