7th Grade Math FULL YEAR Bundles
Each of these full-year bundles includes everything you need for the entire school year. They include all topics and are designed to keep your students engaged.  You can print these resources or use the digital version with your students.  Please click on the image for more details.

7th Grade Math Common Core WORD PROBLEM TASK CARDS { BUNDLE }
7th Grade Math Task Cards
7th Grade Math ERROR ANALYSIS (Find the Error) Common Core BUNDLE
7th Grade Math Error Analysis
7th Grade Math  WORD PROBLEMS Graphic Organizer BUNDLE
7th Grade Math Word Problems
7th Grade Math Mazes, Riddles & Color by Number BUNDLE
7th Grade Math Puzzle & Coloring Pages
7th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments BUNDLE * All Standards * Common Core
7th Grade Math Assessments
7th Grade Homework Math Worksheets - Skills Practice & Word Problems
7th Grade Math Homework Practice
7th Grade ALL YEAR MATH PACKETS Bundle - { COMMON CORE Assessment}
7th Grade All Year Math Packets
7th Grade Daily / Weekly Spiral Math Review {Common Core} - 100% Editable
7th Grade Math Warm-ups
7th Grade Math COMMON CORE BUNDLE Assessments, Warm-Ups, Task Cards, Worksheets
7th Grade Math Mega Bundle

πŸ“Find the Error
This 7th Grade Math 'Find the Error' activity is included in my 7th Grade Math Error Analysis Bundle.  I have my students complete this activity with a partner.  They are instructed to find the error that is given and work together to correct it.  
πŸ“Guided Notes
Have your students use these 7th Grade Math Guided Notes to review key ideas and essential vocabulary.  Students answer the questions and then color in the rest of the sheet.  These notes are sized to be glued in composition notebooks. Finally, an organized way to take and keep meaningful math notes.
πŸ“Word Problem Graphic Organizers
Have your students use these graphic organizers to answer real-world math problems.  My 7th grade Word Problems Bundle includes activities for each unit of the 7th-grade math curriculum.  Students use the graphic organizer to identify the important facts, solve the problem and justify their work.
7th Grade MATH UNITS
πŸ“Fun Math Activities
Bring the fun to math class with these engaging math activities.  Students solve math questions and use their solutions to answer a riddle, navigate through a maze and complete a coloring page.  My 7th-Grade Math Fun Activities Bundle includes riddles, amazing and coloring pages for every 7th-grade topic.
πŸ“Word Problem Task Cards

This 7th Grade Math Task Cards Bundle includes task cards with skills practice and real-world word problems, student answer sheets, and answer keys. Task cards are perfect for reinforcing concepts through individual student practice, pair-share, early finishers, and assessment prep. 

7th Grade Math Word Problem Task Cards Bundle

7th Grade Math UNITS 
Each unit resource bundle includes print and digital versions of task cards, error analysis activities, guided notes, homework practice, mazes, riddles, coloring activities, standards-based questions, and detailed answer keys. These bundles have everything you need to teach the unit. Please click on the image for more details.

INTEGERS Task Cards, Error Analysis, Notes, Graphic Organizer, Puzzles BUNDLE
Operations with Integers
EQUATIONS & INEQUALITIES Bundle Task Cards, Error Analysis, Word Problems, Notes
Equations and Inequalities
RATIONAL NUMBERS BUNDLE Task Cards, Error Analysis, Problem Solving, HW, Notes
Operations with Rational Numbers
PERCENTS BUNDLE Task Cards, Notes, Error Analysis, Graphic Organizer, Puzzles
PROBABILITY BUNDLE - Task Cards, Error Analysis, Word Problem Solving, Puzzles
RATIOS & PROPORTIONS BUNDLE Task Cards, Error Analysis, Graphic Organizers
Ratios & Proportional Reasoning
EXPRESSIONS Bundle - Task Cards, Error Analysis, Word Problems, Puzzles, Notes
CIRCUMFERENCE & AREA of CIRCLES BUNDLE Task Cards, Word Problem Solving, Puzzles
Circumference and Area

NEW! Guided Doodle Notes for Your Students Notebooks

NEW! Guided Doodle Notes for Your Students Notebooks
Have your students create math study guides! Perfect for Interactive Notebooks.