Google Slides (Interactive Activity)


Whether you are teaching hybrid, remote, blended, in-person . . . these Google SLIDES digital interactive Activity are perfect for your classroom.

I have created these digital Google Slides interactive activities for my students to show their understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math Topics.  They are perfect for distance learning, math stations, or homework.
Each of these interactive activities was created using Google Slides and all you and your students need are free Google accounts.

Benefits of using Google Slides Interactive Activities:

    ➤ Interactive Activities - Engage students with these DIGITAL and PAPERLESS math activities. Students will use drag and drop, text boxes, and the line tool. 

    ➤ Step-by-Step Instructions- A teacher guide with step-by-step instructions have been included to help you open, share, and use these activities with your students.

    ➤ Teacher Answer Key - A pdf document with an easy-to-follow answer key

    Ratios & Rates Google Slides BUNDLE
    (24 interactive slides)


    - Write a ratio.
    - Find unit rate.
    - Use models to represent ratios.
    - Identify equivalent ratios.
    - Write equivalent ratios.
    - Solve word problems.
    - Complete ratio tables.
    - Graph data from ratio tables.
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    Percents Google Slides BUNDLE
    (24 interactive slides)

    - Model percentages using grids and fraction models. 
    - Find the percent of numbers
    - Solve percent of numbers word problems. 
    - Find the percent, part and whole
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    Equivalent Expressions Google Slides BUNDLE
    (30 interactive slides)

    - write and evaluate exponents
    - order of operations
    - write algebraic expressions
    - evaluate algebraic expressions 
    - identify equivalent expressions
    - generate equivalent expressions
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