Digital Google Math Assessments (Distance Learning)

Whether you are teaching hybrid, remote, blended, in-person . . . these Google digital assessments are perfect for your classroom.

I have created these digital quizzes for my students to assess their understanding of 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math Topics.  They are perfect for distance learning.
Each of these assessments was created using Google Forms and all you and your students need are free Google accounts.

Benefits of using Google Quizzes:

    ➤Self Grading - After submitting the Google Quiz, the students will receive instant feedback informing them of their scored based on the percent answered correctly and an indication of the problems they got incorrect.

    ➤Reliable Data - After each assessment is completed, you are able to view responses of individual students as well as frequently missed questions from the entire class.

    ➤100% Editable - You can add/edit/delete questions, answers, and settings at any time to meet your instructional goals.

    6th, 7th 8th Grade Google MATH Assessments Bundle

    This middle school math BUNDLE includes all of my 6th, 7th and 8th Grades Google Quizzes (10 questions per assessment)

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    6th Grade Google MATH Assessments BUNDLE


    • Add and Subtract Fractions
    • Multiply Fractions
    • Divide Fractions
    • Add and Subtract Decimals
    • Multiply Decimals
    • Divide Decimals
    • Operations with Decimals
    • Divide Multi-Digit Numbers
    • Rational Numbers
    • Equivalent Expressions
    • One-Step Equations
    • Solving Percent Problems
    • Nets and Surface Area
    • Volume of Rectangular Prisms
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    7th Grade Google MATH Assessments BUNDLE 

    • Add Integers
    • Subtract Integers
    • Multiply Integers
    • Divide Integers
    • Unit Rates with Fractions
    • Percent of Change
    • Percent Problems (Discount, Tax, Mark-up)
    • Simple Interest
    • Multiply using the Distributive Property
    • Add and Subtract Linear Expressions
    • Factor Linear Expressions
    • Two-Step Equations
    • Circumference and Area of Circles
    • Simple Probability
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    8th Grade Google MATH Assessments BUNDLE

    • Negative Exponents
    • Multiplication with Exponents
    • Division with Exponents
    • Power Rule
    • Scientific Notation
    • Multi-Step Equations
    • Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal
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