6th Grade Math PowerPoint Lessons

Why I love using PowerPoint lessons to teach math?
I have created and used math PowerPoint presentations with my middle school students for the past 15 years, and I am excited to share them with you. I present each of my lessons on my interactive board and students follow along while taking notes in their notebooks.  I use a Smart-board, but you can use any interactive board.

- Use Teaching Time More Efficiently
It takes less time to start lessons every day because I each lessons is saved on  my computer. All I have to do is click on it and I can be at the same place I left off the day before. I do not have to wait for students to take out all their papers, write the lesson on the board, or deal with students who may be confused as to where I left off.

- Accommodate Different Learning Styles
Using these PowerPoint math lessons allow me to effectively teach in different styles to my students. There are students who are more verbally inclined, so they can listen to me talk. Visual learning students can understand what I am doing much easier.  My PowerPoint lessons include more in-depth visuals.

What is included in each lesson?
Each lesson starts starts with a mini-lesson and guided practice questions. Every lesson concludes with a lesson quiz and exit ticket to assess student understanding. All of the PowerPoint presentations are 100% editable, therefore I can modify any slide as needed. I design all of my lessons to take 30-35 minutes.

Mini-Lesson with Guided Practice 
The mini-lesson for each lesson includes essential vocabulary and key terms for that topic. Students are then guided through scaffolded instruction with guided practice questions for each lesson objective. All of the math problems are worked out step-by-step with detailed explanations.

Lesson Quiz
Every lesson ends with a lesson quiz that includes questions from each topic of this lesson. This is perfect for assessing your students understanding of this lesson. I have students complete these questions individually or with a partner.

Exit Ticket 
I have included an exit ticket question at the end of each presentation. Students write the answer on a post-it and turn it in to me on their way out the door.

_  Integers and their Opposites
_  Compare and Order Integers
_  Absolute Value
_  Greatest Common Factor
_  Least Common Multiple
_  Classify Rational Numbers
_  Opposite & Absolute Value of Rational Numbers
_  Compare & Order Rational Numbers

_  Add, Subtract, Multiply Fractions
_  Divide Fractions
Divide Mixed Numbers
Solve Multistep problems with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Divide Multi-Digit Whole Numbers
Add and Subtract Decimals
Multiply Decimals
Divide Decimals

_  Ratios
_  Rates
_  Use Ratios & Rates to Compare & Predict
_  Ratios, Rates, Tables & Graphs
_  Solve Problems with Proportions
_  Converting Within the Measurement System
_  Converting Between Measurement Systems
_  Understanding Percents
_  Percents, Fractions & Decimals
_  Solve Percent Problems

I have also created Algebra I PowerPoint Lessons!
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