Doodle Math Guided Notes

I have created Guided Notes for my students to help them take and keep meaningful math notes.
Did you Know? Guided Notes aid in student focus, concept retention, engagement and creativity. Using these notes allows my students to synthesize math concepts and create their own tangible connections in their notes.
Guided Notes Includes:
__ Key Ideas with Verbal & Numerical Examples
__ Completed Examples of Guided Notes
__ Skills Practice Questions and Real-World Word Problems
__ Essential Vocabulary with Definitions

How to Use:
Students answer the questions, and then use color pencils or crayons to doodle or embellish the pages. I have my students use glue sticks to attach these notes in their 'Math Study Guides' (a composition notebook). This resources is also perfect for Interactive Note Books as they are sized to fit and include cut lines.  I also like to keep a few composition books in my closet for students who have financial hardships. 

As of now I have made guided notes for the following grades and topics (check them out!!). If you do not see the math topic you want please check my TpT Store.  I add new resources every week!

6th Grade Doodle Math Bundle - Interactive Math Notebooks (Guided Notes)
6th Grade Math Doodle Guide Notes
7th Grade Math GUIDED NOTES Bundle - Interactive Math Notebooks
7th Grade Math Doodle Guided Notes
8th Grade Math Doodle Guided Notes (coming soon)
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What do you need to be an organized math teacher?

I love when my principal pairs me up with new math teachers.  The first thing I suggest to them is to get organized. You really want to have the right supplies and resources at the beginning of the  school year.  I recently compiled the following list of items that I feel are the must-haves when it comes to being an organized math teacher. While I am sure there are more items that could be added to this list, these are the things I make sure to have in September.

1.  Teacher Planner -   Have your week, month and year planned out with a good teacher planner.  This will truly be your everyday "go-to"item, so be sure to invest in a good one.  Try to find one that includes an area to include student personal information, substitute pages, call home logs, graph paper, and important dates list.  I love this one because you can also personalize it.

2.  Home Printer - This is a must for printing your lesson plans, worksheets and mini-anchor charts. You will be using your printer often so be sure to have an extra supply of ink on hand.

3.  Chart Paper -  Nothing beats good old fashion chart paper.  When your Smartboard, is not working or the laptops are not fully charge grab some chart paper and you can make magic.  The students love to write on them and it is the perfect size for creating anchor charts.  I go through at least 50 sheets each year so be sure to pick up a few pads.  They are pricey but I find it is worth buying them in bulk.  I have recently discovered that if you take the time to store them in a safe place during the summer months, you can definitely reuse them the following school year.

You will also need a pack of flip chart markers.  I have managed to hold on to the same pack of markers for a few years. I love the variety of colors and it really does help when I am trying to emphasize different concepts to my visual learners.

4.  Quality Math Resources - I have spent many years creating middle school math resources, including math task cards, assessments, guided notes, error analysis, homework assignments, activities for math stations and much more.  All the resources you need have been created so take the time to research and invest in a variety of quality math resources that will save you time.  You can find all of my resources at my TpT store including free math resources.

5.  Tote Bag -  I have learned to have a bag dedicated just for bringing those teaching resources, exams and supplies back and forth.  I cannot tell you how many times I forgot those tests in my other bag, or I left my lunch bag in the car.  I have finally figured out that I just need one bag that I keep by the front door.  I take this bag back and forth every day and it saves me the grief of wondering where I left my work keys or teacher planner. This bag is big enough to hold everything.  It has enough pockets for me to separate my teaching items from my personal items and a side pocket for my water bottle.

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Assessments for Every Math Standard

I created mini Standards Based Assessments to check my students understanding of each of the common core standards and track their progress. I don't believe we need to give our students 30 questions to understand what they know.  Long assessments stress my students out and our way to cumbersome to grade.  This resources includes a 1 page quick assessment for every common core math standard.  Each page includes 5 questions.  I currently have these Standards Based Assessments available for grades 6-8.

I have also included a student checklist for each domain to track your students' mastery of these standards and a class tracking sheet to look at all of your students progress at a glance. This resource has been a huge help, as students and I are able to quickly see what topics they need additional help with. (CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS)

6th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments
✔ Ratios and Proportional Reasoning (6RP)
✔ The Number System (6NS)
✔ Expressions and Equations (6EE)
✔ Geometry (6G)>
✔ Statistics and Probability (6SP)
7th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments
✔ Ratios and Proportional Reasoning (7RP)
✔ The Number System (7NS)
✔ Expressions and Equations (67EE)
✔ Geometry (7G)
✔ Statistics and Probability (7SP)

8th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments
✔ The Number System (8NS)
✔ Expressions and Equations (8EE)
✔ Functions (8F)
✔ Geometry (8G)
✔ Statistics and Probability (8SP)
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Math ASSESSMENTS BUNDLE
This MEGA-BUNDLE includes all of my 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade standards-based assessments PLUS all future task cards that are added to this BUNDLE!! 

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