Problem Solving with Graphic Organizers

I created these problem-solving graphic organizers for my students who struggle solving word problems and are unable to explain their work/solution.

🔑Each graphic organizer presents students with a real-world word problems

🔑Students must then organize the information they are given, SOLVE the problem, JUSTIFY their work and EXPLAIN their solution.  

🔑These problem-solving graphic organizers are available for math topics in Grades 5 - 8.

Benefits of Using Graphic Organizers:
My students have benefited from these resources.  They are now spending more time thinking about what the word problem is asking before they begin to work on it.  I also love that they are justifying why their answer is correct.

I have made problem solving graphic organizers for the topics listed below. If you do not see the topic you need please check My TpT Store.

✔ Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers 
✔ Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers 
✔ Divide by 1-Digit Divisors 
✔ Divide by 2-Digit Divisors 
✔ Add and Subtract Decimals 
✔ Multiply and Divide Decimals 
✔ Add and Subtract Fractions 
6th Grade Math Common Core WORD PROBLEMS with Graphic Orga
✔ Fractions, Decimals & Percents 
✔ Operations with Decimals
✔ Ratios and Rates
✔ Multiply and Divide Fractions
✔ Order of Operations
✔ Converting Measures
✔ One-Step Equations
✔ Integers & the Coordinate Plane
✔ Area of Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapezoids

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