One of my goals this year is to create more geometry resources for my middle school students.  I have found that when they practice and solve problems with graph organizers, task cards, error analysis and puzzles, they are able to understand the most difficult concepts in geometry.
Exceeding the CORE Geometry

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Mazes, Riddles, & Coloring Activities 
A maze, riddle, and coloring page is included for each set. These activities allow students to practice skills while incorporating fun into the classroom! 
Angles of Triangles Maze, Riddles and Coloring Pages

Each page has a real-world word problem that is solved incorrectly. Students have to identify the error, provide the correct solution and share a helpful strategy for solving the problem.
Volume of Rectangular Prisms Error Analysis
PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM Word Problems -  Error Analysis  (Find
Pythagorean Theorem Error Analysis
Volume & Surface Area Error Analysis
7th Grade GEOMETRY Word Problems -  Error Analysis  (Find
Geometry Error Analysis

Problem Solving Graphic Organizers {10 Graphic Organizers per Set}
Each worksheet presents students with a real-world problem. Students must then organize the information using a problem-solving graphic organizer. Students are prompted to identify the important information in the word problem, solve, justify their work and explain their solution.
Circumference & Area of Circles Problem Solving Graphic Organizers

AREA of TRIANGLE, PARALLELOGRAM, TRAPEZOID Word Problems w  VOLUME and SURFACE AREA of PRISMS Word Problems with Graph  CIRCUMFERENCE and AREA of CIRCLES Word Problems with Graph
PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM Word Problems with Graphic Organizer  VOLUME and SURFACE AREA CYLINDERS, CONES, SPHERES Word Problems  ANGLES OF TRIANGLES Word Problems with Graphic Organizers

Task Cards {40 Task Cards per Set} 
Each task card has a real-world word problem.  Students can work on these cards individually, with groups, or with a partner.
Parallel Lines & Transversals Task Cards

ANGLES OF TRIANGLES  Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards}  PARALLEL LINES CUT BY A TRANSVERSAL - Task Cards {40 Cards} 

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