Problem Solving with TASK CARDS

My students struggle with word problems.  So, at the end of every unit I have my students work in groups using 3-4 task cards.  Its great because I can quickly differentiate without having to worry about creating leveled worksheets or making copies.  Thank goodness! 

I also use my task cards for a game of SCOOT.  If you are not familiar with the SCOOT game, I essentially place one card on each students desk and give them 2-3 minutes to solve it.  When time is up they SCOOT to the next seat to solve a new problem.  The cards never move... just the students.  My students love playing this game as it gives them an excuse to get out of their seat.

Each students uses a recording sheet to quickly record their answers.  I always make 40 cards for each topic.  Its always nice to have extra cards for those early finishers.  As of now I have made task cards for the following topics (check them out!!):
EQUATIONS & INEQUALITIES Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} RATIOS & PROPORTIONAL REASONING Word Problems - Task Cards PERCENTS Word Problems Task Cards {40 Cards}INTEGERS Word Problems  - Task Cards {40 Cards} RATIONAL NUMBERS (Fractions & Decimals) Word Problems - Ta EXPRESSIONS Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} PROBABILITY Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} MULTIPLY & DIVIDE FRACTIONS Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} DECIMALS OPERATIONS Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} RATIOS AND RATES Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, & PERCENTS Word Problems - Task Cards 7th Grade Math Common Core WORD PROBLEM TASK CARDS { BUNDL

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