Doodle Math Guided Notes

I have created Guided Notes for my students to help them take and keep meaningful math notes.

Did you Know? Guided Notes aid in student focus, concept retention, engagement and creativity. Using these notes allows my students to synthesize math concepts and create their own tangible connections in their notes.
Guided Notes Includes:
🚩Key Ideas with Verbal & Numerical Examples
🚩Completed Examples of Guided Notes
🚩Skills Practice Questions and Real-World Word Problems
🚩Essential Vocabulary with Definitions
How to Use:
Students answer the questions and then use colored pencils or crayons to doodle or embellish the pages. I have my students use glue sticks to attach these notes in their 'Math Study Guides' (a composition notebook). This resource is also perfect for Interactive Note Books as they are sized to fit and include cut lines.  I also like to keep a few composition books in my closet for students who have financial hardships. 

As of now I have made guided notes for the following grades and topics (check them out!!). If you do not see the math topic you want please check my Blog Store or my TpT Store.  I add new resources every week!

6th Grade Math Guided Notes

✔ Graphing and Comparing Integers ( 4 pages)

✔ Factors and Multiples (3 pages)

✔ Classify, Compare and Order Rational Numbers (3 pages)

✔ Operations with Decimals (4 pages)

✔ Multiply and Divide Fractions (3 pages)

✔ Ratios and Rates (4 pages)

7th Grade Math Guided Notes

✔ Integers ( 4 pages)

✔ Rational Numbers (5 pages)

✔ Linear Expressions (4 pages)

✔ Equations (3 pages)

✔ Inequalities (5 pages)

✔ Ratios and Proportions (5 pages)

✔ Percents (6 pages)

✔ Probability (5 pages)

✔ Circumference and Area of Circles (4 pages)

✔ Samples and Populations (3 pages)

8th Grade MathGuided Notes (coming soon)

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