6th Grade Common Core Word Problems - Task Cards

I use task cards with my students to help them practice PROBLEMS SOLVING. Each set includes 40 task cards, a student answer sheet, and an answer key. Your students will love working with these task cards. 

These task cards are perfect for reinforcing concepts through individual student practice, pair-share, early finishers, and assessment prep.

DECIMALS OPERATIONS Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} RATIOS AND RATES Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards}
MULTIPLY & DIVIDE FRACTIONS Word Problems - Task Cards {40 Cards} FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, & PERCENTS Word Problems - Task Cards

I place one task card on each of my students desks and give them 2-3 minutes to complete the problem and record their answer on their answer sheet. Once time is up I have my students "scoot" to the next desk to solve the new problem. The students LOVE doing this activity because it gets them moving. I highly recommend printing these task cards and answer key on card stock. Laminate them if possible so that they can be used for years.

My 6th Grade Common Core Task Cards include:

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